I took the pledge of solidarity with African people because…

“Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People” is a critical component of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s international campaign to build “Days in Solidarity with African People” in cities across the US and beyond.

Our overall goal for this campaign is to raise $14,000 for the work of the African People’s Socialist Party, through holding major events, fundraisers, personal pledges, outreach tables and more. The WePay page for “The Pledge of Solidarity with African People” is the online means through which we plan to raise 3,000 dollars towards our overall goal – but only with your participation!

People from all over the country have already taken the pledge of solidarity, making donations of reparations to the African Liberation Movement and leaving a personal statement about why they are taking the pledge. Below is a selection of these powerful statements:

I took the pledge of solidarity with African people because…

“Uhuru! Today is my birthday and best gift I can give to myself is the gift of humanity!”
Wendy Craig, San Diego, CA

“Reparations Now!”
– Joel Hamburger, Oakland, CA

“I’m taking the Pledge because we only get one life and I want to be part of changing the legacy that white people have. Just below the veneer of our comfortable lifestyles is plain evidence of slavery and genocide. Reparations now!
– Stephanie Midler, St. Petersburg, FL

“Because it’s right.”
Amanda Plain, Waterloo, Ontario

“The conditions of life that imperialism imposes on African people everywhere, including right next door to us, are unbearable. We can be part of a new world if we take responsibility to rectify this history and build reparations for African people.”
-Maureen Wagner, Oakland, CA

“I pledge full force solidarity with African liberation! and all oppressed peoples! We will see the end of imperialism in our lifetime! I’m jumping off the pedestal of parasitic capitalism and joining humanity in the struggle for a better future!
Kefira Baron, Miami, FL

“Uhuru! I am taking this pledge of solidarity with African people because reparations and material solidarity with the African liberation movement is the road to genuine peace for all of humanity.”
Jesse Nevel, Largo, FL


Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People!

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