USM Brings “Days in Solidarity with African People” to the March on the RNC! [PHOTOS]

Chairman Omali Yeshitela marching against the imperialist agenda represented by both the Republican and Democratic parties at the March on the RNC in Tampa, FL, August 27, 2012

Members of Uhuru Solidarity Movement and African People’s Solidarity Committee marched on the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL on August 27th, 2012, where Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the founder and leader of the Uhuru Movement, and Penny Hess, the Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, made electrifying speeches at the rally of hundreds of people in the Perry Harvey Sr Park. USM brought out the campaign for “Days in Solidarity with African People,” an international campaign to build solidarity with the struggle of Africans and all oppressed peoples for reparations and self-determination.

Below is the official statement of USM on the Republican National Convention, along with photographs from the mobilization! Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People today as a concrete expression of your support for the African community’s struggle for national liberation, self-determination, and Black Power. Uhuru means freedom!

USM Statement on the Republican National Convention

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement calls on white people to join the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign’s condemnation of the Republican National Convention lock-down of the African community in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL.

We recognize that the Republican party is one of two major parties used by Wall Street to implement the theft of African resources and labor for the benefit of the US ruling class and white population in general.

Historically, the Republican party has been the party that consolidated the white nation during and after the Civil War which is known as Reconstruction. The Republican party claimed that that they went to war with the southern so-called “states” to free Africans from slavery on southern plantations. In reality, however, they compromised with the Democratic party who was a champion of white rights in the south. This was known as the Tilden Hayes Compromise. This compromise ushered in white terror on Africans in forms of brutal and barbaric lynchings, voting intimidation, mass imprisonment, convict leasing.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela and Carlos Montes

The Republican party was also responsible for expanding US imperialism including the theft of half of Mexico, what is falsely called the southwest. We must recognize Mexico is still under occupation from the US state. In response to African and Mexican resistance to US occupation, the Republican party during the Reagan regime, implemented chemical warfare, flooding cocaine and heroin into barrios and ghettos that also served as economic development for the white community in the form of college grants, loans, and general prosperity.

With the deepening imperialist crisis as seen with 9/11, the Bush regime started the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with the mandate from the white population. It was only when Iraqi and Afghan resistance to US occupation in the Middle East began sending US soldiers home in body-bags did the white population challenge the Bush regime and the Republican party. Clearly, white power could not show its true face anymore. It had to come with a different tactic, a facelift. Again, another mandate from the general white population was to provide a cover for US imperialism in the form of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic party.

Obama represents the strategy of the oppressor hiding its white face behind the face that resembles the oppressed people rising up all over the world.

Under the Obama regime, US imperialism has increased its war on oppressed peoples, expanding its vicious attacks against Syria, Africa, Venezuela, North Korea, the black community and Mexican community. The oppressed are not fooled by the mask that US imperialism hides behind. They are fighting back and turning the tide. Africans are leading the charge to end the 500 years of oppression.

There is a call being made for us white people to take responsibility and join the rest of humanity, the real 99%. It is a call to face the truth and see the future through the eyes of the oppressed. It is a call to join under the leadership of the African working class. We must condemn all representations of imperialism, whether it be the Republican party or the Democratic party.

Join the campaign to build the Days in Solidarity with African People. Be a part of changing the world, righting the wrongs, and living in a world without slave masters and slaves. Email us or call 727-683-9949 to get involved in the campaign for Days in Solidarity with African People by building events and fundraisers in your area, joining national days of outreach, taking the resolution for Days in Solidarity with African People to your local city council, and take the pledge of solidarity with African People! Go to!

RNC protestor Takes the Pledge of Solidarity with African People at the USM Table!

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