Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People

Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! Sign your name to this statement. Your statement may be posted publicly on this website! Our overall goal for this campaign is to raise $14,000 for the work of the African People’s Socialist Party, through holding major events, fundraisers, personal pledges, outreach tables and more. This WePay page for “The Pledge of Solidarity with African People” is the online means through which we plan to raise 3,000 dollars towards our overall goal – but only with your participation! 

I pledge my solidarity with the struggle of African people—inside the US and Europe, in Africa and dispersed around the world– for liberation and self-determination.

I pledge to face the truth about the legacy of the enslavement of African people who were ripped from their homeland and culture and brought in chains to America and Europe to build the wealth and opportunity that we take for granted.

I recognize that reparations are due to African people for the 500 year history of enslavement, lynchings, rape, degradation and terror carried out by the US and European governments and by white citizens alike.

I recognize that this oppressive legacy continues today in the form of Jim Crow-style mass incarceration in which one out of eight prisoners in the entire world is an African man locked up inside the US; and in the form of police terror under which one African in the U.S. is murdered by police every 36 hours.

I recognize that the oppression of African people also takes the form of discriminatory sentencing and stop and frisk policies, enforced poverty and the denial of quality education, healthcare, and economic development.

I recognize that the problem goes deeper than a struggle against racism, the ideas in our heads. I recognize that African people have a right to struggle for power and self-determination: political and economic control over their lives and destinies.

I pledge my commitment to be part of righting the historical wrongs done to African people as the truest means of moving forward with all of humanity to create a just and peaceful world.

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