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“Kick Off the Campaign!” Online Meeting
The Days in Solidarity with African People 2012 campaign is here!

Join the Kick Off The Campaign Online Meeting this Sunday, August 12th at 1 pm EST. Simply go to this link to join the meeting and participate via chat! 

Every day we see U.S. wars proliferate around the world, the economy is crashing, climate change wreaking havoc. We see the growing epidemic of murder and brutality of African people. We see the two-tiered Jim Crow “justice” system in this country that allows the police to be a daily menacing presence in African communities.

What is the solution to a system that allows the majority of the world to suffer?

The Days in Solidarity with African People 2012 national campaign is answering that question. The theme for 2012 is “Facing the Truth About Racial Injustice, How White People Can See the Future Through the Eyes of the Oppressed!”

Join the online meeting this Sunday, August 12th at 1 pm EST. 

Read “A Call for Days in Solidarity with African People

Take the Pledge! Sign your name to this statement. Make a donation of reparations. Tell us why YOU are taking this stand. Your statement may be posted publically on
Bring the Days in Solidarity with African People to YOUR Community!

We can, as a community, stand in solidarity with African people worldwide! What can you do in your community? Can you host a Day in Solidarity event, house party, fundraiser, outreach table? Join the meeting on Sunday to find out more!

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