These are good times, excellent times — if we look through the eyes of the enslaved

Uhuru! We share the following the piece in the spirit of the international campaign for “Days in Solidarity with African People”,  which the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and the African People’s Solidarity Committee will be carrying out in cities across the US, under the theme of “Facing the truth about racial injustice; seeing the future through the eyes of the oppressed.”

This excerpt is from the seminal book Overturning the Culture of Violence by APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess, published in 2000 by Burning Spear Publications. Check back at this site for more information coming soon about the Days in Solidarity with African People and how you can take action in your community. Start today by Taking the Pledge of Solidarity with African People as a concrete expression of your support for the programs of the Uhuru Movement.

The Fear (pg. 523 of Overturning the Culture of Violence by Penny Hess)

“If we identify with white power, we must nervously watch our backs. Everything about white power is in a deep crisis. There’s pollution and car accidents, nuclear attacks, militia bombings, AIDS, herpes, breast cancer, asbestos, tainted water, second-hand smoke, saturated fat and ticks bearing Lyme disease to worry about. The proliferation of horror movies expresses our fears. The Blair Witch, the Scream and all those who know what we did last summer are coming to get us. Or is it our own conscience?

“From the bars on our windows to our car alarms to the cans of mace in our bags, our security has been shaken as the colonized rise up and demand what is rightfully theirs. War, mass killings, anxiety and fear grip not just the United States but much of the white world. We weren’t sure if Y2K would bring about Armageddon and the ‘end of civilization as we know it’ as some predicted. Somewhere in the minds of white people is the recognition that 500 years of the death and destruction of white power is enough. Retribution is overdue.

“Yet, as Omali Yeshitela tells us, these are good times, excellent times. Indeed, they are, if looked through the eyes of the slave. Not that the masses of people around the world are not suffering and struggling. But the crisis of imperialism indicates to all who want to see it that the parasitic capitalist pedestal is weak. US imperialism is not able to extinguish the fires of resistance throughout the Arab world, in Mexico and Colombia, in Africa and Asia. Nor can imperialism any longer control the internecine warfare and fratricide which is emerging inside of Europe as the northern continent reverts back to rivalrous tribalism for which it has been known for millennia.”


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