Days in Solidarity campaign is underway! USM St Pete Weekend of Outreach

“Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign is underway in St Pete, FL!

On Saturday and Sunday July 27-28, members of Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) in St Petersburg, FL took the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign into the white community with two successful outreach tables. USM organizers Johann Bedingfield and Jesse Nevel, who were also briefly joined by APSC’s Sandy Thompson, set up an outreach table on Beach Drive, a wealthy tourist spot where on the second day there was a popular music festival called Warped tour taking place nearby.

USM is the organization of white people and other allies of African liberation, working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.  The first day in Beach Drive was almost completely dead, but whenever someone walked past our table, we engaged with them about the issues impacting African people and how we can take a stand in the white community.
In particular we asked passers-by if they’d heard about the murder of Trayvon Martin.

We then told them about Eric Oliver, the 18-year-old African in Bronson, FL who fought back against a white lynch mob and was locked up for it. We showed them the newest issue of The Burning Spear Newspaper which has an article about the Eric Oliver campaign. Many people were outraged by what they were hearing, and were moved to donate, buy the Burning Spear, sign up, and take fliers about a vegan potluck on August 9th, and a march on the Republican National Convention on August 27.

USM member Johann organizing for DSAPOn Sunday we set up near Vinoy Park on the bay side of St Pete where the music festival was taking place. Although people were eager to get inside and hear the bands, many of them did stop at our table, made donations and bought Spears.

On the front page of the Burning Spear, the main article features one of the latest initiatives of the African People’s Socialist Party, Black Star Industries. BSI is part of the Uhuru Movement’s strategy for building an independent African economy.

We recognize that as white people we owe reparations to African people and have a responsibility to turn over the resources that have benefited the white community and allowed us to prosper. The restaurants that we patronize, the cocktails that we consume, etc. all come at the expense of the African working class.

While doing outreach on Beach Drive we witnessed one example of how the US state is designed to separate African people from their resources. During the festival, the police told an African man who was selling water bottles that he did not have a permit to do so, and forced him to close up his water cooler. Although we were out there raising money that was to be turned over to the African community, when the police looked at us they just saw two white people, so they did not even approach us. They also had no issue with the vendors owned by white corporations who were set up nearby the African man with the water bottles.

When people go to Beach Drive to eat brunch, attend events, and drink cocktails in upscale resorts, they don’t expect to go home with a copy of the longest running Black Power newspaper in existence. We feel it is important to take the message of Black Power into the white community because that is where all of the stolen resources of Africa and African people are held. Working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, it is the responsibility of USM to turn those resources back over to African people.

As stated in the call for Days in Solidarity with African People, “The stand of solidarity enables us to see the world as the majority of people experience it. We can face the future with the security of being part of a global community, determined to create a world without slave masters and slaves, oppressors and the oppressed.”

This is what the Days in Solidarity with African People are all about. This is a campaign that culminates with major events in October, including one here in St Pete. It is a way for white people to get involved in building a movement for reparations by taking on a personal pledge goal, holding events and fundraisers, getting the word out on the streets and on the internet, and building a branch of USM in your area.

Come learn more about the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign and the plans to March on the RNC at a vegan potluck on August 9th, 7:30pm at St. Pete Community Acupuncture, 14 18th St South, St. Petersburg, FL

Participate in the DSAP Committee’s first meeting on August 12th. Contact for more details.

Uhuru means freedom!
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