BREAKING NEWS: Another African teenager murdered by Tampa police!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement shares this breaking news story from Uhuru News and expresses our profound outrage and disgust at this recent police murder of an African youth in Tampa, FL.We recognize that Javon Neal is another casualty in the US government’s counterinsurgency war against the African community– just like Oscar Grant, Tyron Lewis, Sean Bell, Aiyanna Jones, and so many African people who have been murdered by the terrorist police! USM stands in solidarity with the African community’s right to resist police terror and to build revolutionary organization through the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement!

Justice for Javon Neal! Stop the war on the African community!
Solidarity with African resistance! Solidarity with InPDUM!
Join USM and take the pledge of solidarity with the liberation of African people!


Shared from Uhuru News.

On Sunday, July 22, Tampa Police murdered 16-year-old Javon Neal and refused to allow anyone to give him medical assistance as he lay dying on the ground. This video comes from an investigation by members of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM).

The murder of Javon Neal comes at a time of heightened police attacks on African communities throughout the U.S. Just two days after Javon’s murder by Tampa police, Dallas, Texas police gunned down 31-year-old James Harper and Anaheim, California has been rocked in the last week by several days of rebellions after two police murders there. In addition, another African was killed by Clearwater, Florida police this week, and recent police chases in the City of St. Petersburg have resulted in multiple injuries and damages in African communities including the crashing of a city bus into an apartment in the middle of an African community.

In addition, one of the cops who murdered Javon Neal, Gregory Pryor, had previously killed another unarmed man just months ago.

These growing police attacks on African communities everywhere are part of a long history of containment of African communities by police. Police function as an occupying army in the African community, terrorizing African people, and serving as a first line of defense against the people’s struggle for peace, dignity and the right to control our own lives.

The only way to stop this war on the African community is to get organized.

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