Police violence in Anaheim, CA: Countersinurgency in Occupied Mexico

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement expresses our deepest outrage at the recent brutal attacks by police against the Mexican community of Anaheim, California.

On July 20th, 2012, Anaheim police shot Manuel Diaz in the head and handcuffed him while he bled to death. When the Mexican community gathered to protest this vicious murder, the police opened fire on women and children and unleashed a police dog on a mother holding her baby.

The horrifying video footage shows children and women screaming as the police fire at them:


In an act of courageous resistance, members of the community shut down the street before they were dispresed by the occupying police forces.

On the next day, the Anaheim police shot and murdered yet another Mexican man, Joel Acevedo. Eyewitnesses said that the police handcuffed him and then shot him dead.

Counterinsurgency against the Indigenous people of Occupied Mexico

USM recognizes that these are not isolated incidents. These acts of police terror represent the continuation of the colonial war against the Indigenous people of Occupied Mexico that has been waged by US imperialism for over a century.

Occupied Mexico

Mexico once encompassed the geographic space currently occupied by the states of Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada, until the land was stolen at gunpoint by the US government in 1850. The Indigenous people refer to this land as Aztlan.

Mexican people are an oppressed nation who suffer the brunt of US colonial white power.

It is the same system of white power that was built on the enslavement of African people and is today sustained by the colonial oppression of the African nation.

It is the same system that killed Oscar Grant, Kenneth Harding, Tyron Lewis, Trayvon Martin, Aiyana Jones and so many others

It is the same system that Lovelle Mixon heroically resisted on March 21, 2009, when he fought back against the colonial police occupation of the African community.

It is the same system that has brought tremendous amounts of wealth to the white community at the expense of the enslavement of Africans and the theft of the land of the Indigenous people, including the Mexicans.

Anaheim is located in Orange County which has a majority white population. You would never see the police shooting at women and children in the white neighborhoods of Orange County. The police are meant to protect the parasitic relationship that exists between white people and oppressed peoples.

Solidarity with African and Mexican Liberation!

African & Mexican Revolution: 25 Years of Solidarity

The Uhuru Movement has always recognized that Africans and Mexicans are natural allies in the struggle against their common enemy, US imperialism.

The African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Movement, has had a fraternal relationship with the Mexican liberation organization Unión del Barrio for over 25 years.

As one concrete example of the solidarity between the African and Mexican liberation struggles, Unión del Barrio will be participating in the Uhuru Freedom Summer Project in Oakland, CA. The OFSP is building programs to further the struggle of African and Mexican people for political power over their own communities, which is the only thing that will truly put an end to colonial attacks by the state.

One of the projects of the Oakland Freedom Summer Project is the Biko Lumumba Free Lunch program which “has already been drawing many children and parents from the impoverished African and Mexican community of East Oakland, coming together for healthy meals, engaging children’s activities and political education for the parents. The program is off to a successful start, reintroducing many families to political life in the Uhuru House,” as reported on Uhuru News.

USM stands in solidarity with Mexican liberation!

In solidarity with the struggles of the African and Mexican nations for self-determination and national liberation, USM calls on white people to join the Oakland Freedom Summer Project and take the pledge of solidarity with African people!

Stop the war on the Mexican and African communities!

Solidarity with the Indigenous people of Occupied Mexico!

Victory to the Mexican people!

JOIN the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!


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