A Call for “Days in Solidarity with African People”

Days in Solidarity with African People 2012
Facing the Truth About Racial Injustice
Seeing the future through the eyes of the oppressed!
Solidarity with African Liberation

Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee

The African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) make this call for white people and others to participate in the Days in Solidarity with African People 2012.

APSC and USM are organizations of primarily Euro-Americans working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party that leads the Uhuru Movement.

We believe that rectifying the relationship between the white population and African and oppressed peoples is the most pressing and urgent priority of this period.

We live in an era of profound crisis when everything around us is in flux, when U.S. wars proliferate around the world, the economy is crashing and climate change wreaks havoc.

We believe that the only future for the planet is to go forward as one, in true solidarity with all of humanity. There is no individual solution and it is in our profound interest to join the majority of the earth’s peoples in actively transforming the world.

The Days in Solidarity, which will be held in San Diego and Oakland, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and St. Petersburg, Florida in October of this year, offer a chance for white people to understand how the world truly got the way it is and to begin to see the profound opportunities for the future by looking at the present and the past through the lens of African and oppressed peoples.

Take a stand against the war on the African community

All around us we see the impunity of repeated police and white citizen murders and brutality of African people–often young black men like Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant, whose character is slandered in the media.

While white people are allowed to “stand your ground,” Africans are arrested for resisting these attacks. This is what happened to Eric Oliver in rural Bronson, Florida, who fought off a white mob in defense of his mother, brothers and friend after the mob attacked his home.

Africans are colonized inside the US

But more than this in the two-tiered Jim Crow “justice” system in this country the police are a daily menacing presence in African communities, harassing and demeaning black people of all walks of life, locking them up by the millions in the concentration camps called prisons.

Through the leadership of the Uhuru Movement we understand that eradicating “racism” would not change the world. Nor can ending racism right the historic oppression of African people, who are struggling for political power, national independence and self-determination and calling for our solidarity.

We are challenged by the growing resistance of African, Arab and Indigenous peoples to go much deeper into the roots of capitalism itself and investigate the material basis for the conditions of today’s world.

Seeing the world in a completely different way

This is a call to rip off the blinders of a European universalist worldview which has kept us centered on our narrow and exceptionalized experience while black people and the majority of humanity share a completely opposite reality of the same capitalist system.

This is a call to throw out everything you ever thought you knew about how things work in the world and our place in it and listen to the long suppressed voice of the enslaved that is rising up today.

This is a call to understand that capitalism is constructed on the backs of African, Indigenous and colonized peoples. Europe was poor and oppressed prior to its assault on Africa, an assault which stole vast quantities of gold and resources from African people.

This assault turned an entire continent of people into human commodities in the slave trade, an economic endeavor so enormous that it brought unprecedented wealth into a desperately impoverished Europe.

This is a call to recognize that “America,” the United States and our own sense of security and well-being would not exist without the genocide of the indigenous people, the theft of their land and resources and the colonial domination and plunder of the majority of world.

Solidarity with the resistance of the oppressed

Most of humanity experiences the other side of the coin of capitalism which has provided the highest standard of living for the white population while half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day and 80 percent on less than $10 a day.

Inside this country the mainstream economy has been bolstered for years by the colonial prison industry—by far the world’s largest prison system—that pumps out billions of dollars by locking up black people who make up 50 percent of U.S. prison population while being only 14 percent of the U.S. population at large.

This is a call to understand that it is the resistance of African and oppressed peoples around the world that created the economic crisis of a system that can no longer act with impunity to force others to turn over their freedom and resources for the benefit of a tiny percentage of human beings.

We must understand that the problem inside this country is not racism but colonialism. The U.S. wages war against an oppressed African community right before our eyes, though our vision of this reality is blurred by the imperialist ideology known as “racism.”

African Revolution points the way forward for humanity

We call on white people in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa to join in building the The Days in Solidarity with African People in October 2012, wherever you are located.

Taking a stand in solidarity and in unity with reparations for African and oppressed peoples ends our isolation from the rest of the world. It supports a process to end racism and injustice by supporting the struggle for national liberation that will end the colonial system that has oppressed so many for the past 500 years.

The stand of solidarity enables us to see the world as the majority of people experience it. We can face the future with the security of being part of a global community, determined to create a world without slave masters and slaves, oppressors and the oppressed.

Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People as a concrete way to show your support for the revolutionary struggles of African people for national liberation and self-determination.

For more information contact our national office at:

P.O. Box 4176
St. Petersburg, FL 33731


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