BREAKING NEWS! PSTA Apologizes; Driver No Longer Allowed to Operate DART Service


PSTA Apologizes; Driver No Longer Allowed to Operate DART service on PSTA’s behalf!

The struggle continues!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement wants to express our appreciation for everyone who took action to defend our comrade Johann Bedingfield by calling in and emailing PSTA and Pinellas County Commission to demand the termination of CareRide driver Mike Sullivan, who assaulted Johann and made violent threats towards disabled people, as well as the African and Mexican communities.

PSTA CEO Brad Miller issued a formal apology in the form of an email response to all of the emails he received from you:

I received emails from each of you in the last 24 hours regarding a very serious allegation of abuse by a contracted bus driver for PSTA.  PSTA has completed its investigation into this matter….PSTA has required that Care Ride no longer allow this bus driver to operate DART service on PSTA’s behalf.  We can’t terminate him because he’s not our employee.  But he won’t be driving for DART.

This represents a clear victory for the campaign. It demonstrates the power of organization. We thank everyone for participating and making this happen.However, CareRide will still employ Sullivan and we feel the threat he presents must be taken seriously and he should be fired completely from his position as a CareRide driver. WE MUST TAKE FURTHER ACTION.The struggle is not over.


Call and Email Douglas Johnson, the Owner of CareRide

Phone #  : (727) 866-1193

What to say:

I demand the immediate termination of employment of Mike Sullivan for abuse against Johann Bedingfield and statements of violence against disabled people, as well as the black and Mexican communities. I am also demanding that CareRide make a formal apology for their unwillingness to take seriously the mistreatment of their customers, to install surveillance cameras in all vehicles to ensure the safety of the clients, and the implement a transparent, formal process for filing reports of abuse by employees.

Below is a statement sent in by our comrade Johann:

They cannot stop us for standing in solidarity with African and Mexican people! If I say I support African heroes like Hydra Lacy and Lovell Mixon for protecting their community, their jailed nation, resisting colonialism while the real murderers and thieves are on Wall Street wreaking havoc on this beautiful planet and on the ones with humanity, I have a right to support that! Every white person has the right to support that! I’m disabled but deeper still is the fact that we must defend our right to be in solidarity with African and Mexican and all colonized people! This will be the “atonement”, our second chance. The original sin was when we Europeans assaulted Africa, the Indigenous peoples of this land (as Chairman Omali Yeshitela points out) that parasites call america! Not in my name, in your name anymore! Lovers of Freedom, those who yearn for reparations, to be human again, we must defend our right to join in solidarity and not be assaulted and harassed! Mike Sullivan and all white nationalists must go! And…Occupy Imperialism!

Join us tonight at 6:30PM for an OCCUPY IMPERIALISM INFO-SESSION at to learn more about the organization of which Johann is a member and who is waging this campaign, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

Join us in person on Thursday night, 7:30PM at the Hungry for Revolution! Vegan Potluck to share a delicious potluck dinner with like-minded people who are sick of injustice and ready to take action for a new kind of world! We will be sharing more updates on the campaign at this event as well. This will be held at St. Pete Community Acupuncture, 14 18th Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712.  For more info contact 727-683-9949 or

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