Are you sick of this unjust system?
Attend the Uhuru Solidarity Movement 2012 National Convention “Occupy Imperialism! Crisis, Resistance and Solidarity with the Liberation of Africans and Oppressed Peoples!” June 9th and 10th, Philadelphia, PA.

Featuring workshops and presentations on:
  • U.S. Wars of Occupation
  • Imperialist Obama Administration
  • Anti-Black Violence
  • Jim Crow Prisons
  • Criminal Wall Street Banksters
  • Parasitic Capitalism

Take a stand in solidarity with the resistance of African and oppressed peoples of the world!

Only $25 for BOTH days  •  Or $15 for one day
Saturday, June 9th:
First Unitarian Church • 2125 Chestnut Street • 10am-6pm
Sunday, June 10th:
Moonstone Arts Center • 110A 13th Street, Upstairs • 9am-2pm

Take the Pledge of Solidarity!
Taking the Pledge of Solidarity is a concrete way to show your support for the revolutionary struggles of African people for national liberation and self-determination. It is also a way to make your voice heard at the upcoming Occupy Imperialism: Uhuru Solidary Movement (USM) National Convention. Your statement about why you took the Pledge of Solidarity will be read aloud to the USM general membership and other convention attendees on the first day of the two-day convention on June 9, 2012.

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