It’s Bigger than Zimmerman: Stop the War on the African Community!

USM stands in solidarity with the African community's right to resist colonial violence

Failure to arrest Zimmerman is declaration of “open season” on African people in the US

The state of Florida has never arrested George Zimmerman, a regular citizen, in the February murder of unarmed, 17 year old Trayvon Martin. By its failure to arrest Zimmerman, the state not only endorses the murder of Trayvon, it essentially deputizes other white nationalist citizens to murder Africans at will. It declares “open season” on African people in the U.S.

There have been 29 African people murdered by police, “security” guards and so-called “keepers of the peace” since January 1st, 2012 alone! Sixteen Africans have been murdered after the February 26th murder of Trayvon Martin (Source). Several other African people have been murdered in white nationalist assaults.

In Chicago the state has ruled “justified” in the March 21 murder of 22 year old unarmed Rekia Boyd by an off-duty cop as she and others were standing on the street. In Atlanta  a security guard has never been arrested in the murder of 17 year old Kenard Arnold.

On Monday, March 26th, in Raeford, Hoke County, North Carolina, a white man named John Oliver Hill shot his African neighbors Tommy Charles Brown and Thalia Rebbecca Mook, a husband and wife, to death in front of their children at their own home, as reported here and here.

One of the articles about the shooting said: “He will likely face more charges once the investigation is complete… Investigators haven’t commented on a motive.”

The motive? John Oliver Hill is white. Mr. Brown and Ms. Mook were African. This man thought he had the right to murder African people with impunity. Just like George Zimmerman. Just like the murderer of Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi woman beaten to death in her home in San Diego on March 21st with a note by her body that read “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

America is built on colonial violence against African people

White people carried out at least 10,000 lynchings of African people in the US

The reality is that open season on Africans began more than 500 years ago, when the first European ship landed on the shores of Africa and began kidnapping enslaved human beings as property to build this parasitic system of capitalism off of their labor, land and resources.  White mobs carried out at least 10,000 lynchings, terrorist acts murdering and torturing African people with no arrests of the white murderers.

This terror continues today in the War on the African Community under which every African and Mexican community lives under a relentless, violent U.S. colonial occupation no different than the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan or the Israeli occupation of Palestine, with tanks, helicopters, SWAT and ICE forces and massive imprisonment.

The colonial relationship between white citizens and domestically colonized African people inside the U.S. has produced colonial contradictions, which are deepening more and more as African people inside the U.S. and Africans and other oppressed peoples around the world are resisting against imperialism in its deepest crisis ever.

This system of capitalism was built and is maintained on the enslavement of African people, the genocide of Indigenous people and colonial war giving white people prosperity, democracy and the “American Dream” at the expense of the majority of the peoples of the world.  The job of the U.S. military, police, prisons and courts—whether here or abroad—is to uphold this relationship and this system as a whole. It is no mystery why Zimmerman has not been arrested, or why criminals hold position in government.

Simply Identifying the Motive Won’t Stop the War

This is not a new epidemic of “racism.” This problem goes far beyond the ideas in our heads.  This is a war.  This is a colonial war that started with slavery and continues today, and we will not participate in ending it by simply observing from the sidelines and identifying the motive in these murders as “racism.”

We have to wake up and go deeper.  African Internationalism – the theory of the world through the eyes of African people, developed by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the African People’s Socialist Party – informs us of this colonial relationship, and the parasitic nature of imperialism/capitalism, thus it informs us of our role in overturning this system: in unconditional solidarity working under the leadership of the African revolution.

Oppressed peoples around the world are rising up for self-determination and freedom - including Africans right here in the US

Oppressed peoples are resisting and struggling for self-determination: control over their resources, their land, governments and courts, and this is why the U.S. is experiencing economic crisis. It can no longer steal the resources, occupy whole countries and murder oppressed peoples for our benefit without paying a price. The U.S. ruling class is no longer able to share the stolen loot with the general white population, as it once has.

White people must unite with the struggle to take the power over courts, police and prisons away from the oppressors and into the hands of African and other oppressed peoples themselves

In Oakland CA, the Court for Black Justice, organized by the African working class led Uhuru Movement, is the concrete manifestation of TRUE JUSTICE FOR HUMANITY.  From the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, we support this unconditionally and we urge other white allies of the African community to join the call:



In Oakland, CA – attend the Sunday rally:
“The U.S. Government Has Killed 1000 Trayvons”
Sunday, April 8th, 2012 at 4pm

Uhuru House, 7911 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
or call 510-569-9620

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