JOIN THE DISCUSSION: “Counterinsurgency and Resistance” – Tomorrow, Sunday 1PM EST on Uhuru Radio

Uhuru! Readers, comrades, supporters, and members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement:

Tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 1PM EST, on Uhuru Radio, the online radio station of the Uhuru Movement, we want to remind everyone to tune in to “Reparations in Action,” the official program of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!

Tomorrow’s program will be hosted by Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and author of Overturning the Culture of Violence, and Jesse Nevel, APSC member and Southeast organizer for the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

We will be discussing the state-sanctioned murder of Trayvon Martin, the massacre of Afghan civilians by a US soldier, and the growing worldwide resistance of oppressed peoples and how we as Euro-Americans can stand in solidarity with Africans and oppressed peoples everywhere.

During the second half of the program we will be taking calls and emails and we strongly encourage you to participate in the discussion with questions and/or comments:

Internet Callers: skype:uhururadio
US Phone: 727-565-1599
UK Phone: 020-8133-6629

Tune in tomorrow 1PM EST and join the discussion!

Join the movement!
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