A symbol of resistance: Lovelle Mixon, 3 years later

On 3 years ago today, Lovelle Mixon, a young African man living in the city of Oakland, California, was stopped by police in a “routine traffic stop,” a situation from which many Africans are left beaten, bleeding, shot, or dead.

This was only a matter of months after the notorious murder of the 22-year-old Oscar Grant by Oakland police in front of dozens of witnesses.

On the day that Lovelle Mixon was stopped by police, he made a decision that would send shock waves throughout white America.

Rather than allow himself to be arrested, jailed or murdered, Lovelle Mixon fought back. By the end of the day, four cops were dead.

Immediately the white ruling class media launched a vicious slander campaign to criminalize Lovelle Mixon and depict him as a monster, a rapist, a criminal, etc.

The white community was especially reactionary and hostile in its response to the Lovelle Mixon incident. The same liberals and white leftists who shed crocodile tears for Oscar Grant found themselves incapable of uttering even a single word about Lovelle Mixon, unless it was to criticize Lovelle for his actions.

Uhuru Movement raises up African resistance to police tyranny

But the African community stood strong. The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement held a massive rally to raise up Lovelle Mixon for his courageous act of resistance to police terror and colonial violence against the African community.

This bold decision on the part of the Uhuru Movement garnered national media attention including a segment on Fox News that attacked the movement and Lovelle Mixon.

While many other organizations and public figures refused to take a principled stand in support of Lovelle, it was the Movement’s decision to stand for Lovelle that inspired countless other Africans and allies of African liberation to stand up in solidarity and say, “Lovelle Mixon had a right to resist. Africans have a right to resist.”

It was the Uhuru Movement and the leadership of Chairman Omali Yeshitela who exposed that the US government is engaged in a permanent state of warfare against the African community. The prison system, the death penalty, the police department, the court system, the “war on drugs” and “war on crime” are all instruments through which the US carries out its colonial oppression of African people.

This is the context from which Lovelle Mixon emerges.

Uhuru Movement raises up Lovelle Mixon for resisting police occupation

The struggle continues

Three years after the death of Lovelle Mixon, the conditions have only worsened. We have all read about the state-sanctioned murders of Ramahrley Graham, Trayvon Martin, DeCarlos Moore and so many others.

The war against the African community rages on. And so does the resistance of Africans and oppressed peoples everywhere. Africans are fighting for their freedom, struggling to get this beast of colonialism off their backs.

The question that white people must ask ourselves: Which side are we on? The side of the oppressed, or the side of the pigs?

Africans are getting organized. The Uhuru Movement is growing. We believe that it is now more important than ever for white people to take a stand in solidarity with the African community in their struggle for freedom and social justice.

Not another year can go by where white people sit by in silence and complicity while Africans are catching hell. How many more Africans must die before white people wake up and do something about the fact that the price of our comfort is a constant onslaught of violence and terror against the black community?

The answer is, Not one more African life!

Not one more Trayvon Martin!
Not one more Ramarhley Graham!
Not one more Oscar Grant!

Lovelle had the right to resist!

Solidarity with the African Revolution!
Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!


This video documents the Uhuru Movement’s march and rally in Oakland that raised up Lovelle Mixon as a symbol of resistance to police occupation and war against the African community:


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