Criticizing “KONY 2012” is not enough: TAKE ACTION

The massive popularity of the KONY 2012 – and the subsequent backlash of criticism – reveals a growing level of interest about the situation in Africa and a certain kind of willingness of Euro-Americans to respond to the suffering of Africa and African people.

Up until now, the main way that white people have responded to the colonially imposed poverty and oppression of Africa and African people is by donating to charity organizations. KONY 2012 is just one of many glaring examples showing that charity is not a real solution. Charity maintains the system of imperialism that is fueled by the exploitation of Africa’s resources, while alleviating the guilt that white people might feel about our oppressive relationship to Africa.

As the US economic crisis deepens, many of us in the white population are questioning the fundamental nature of our social system along with the motives of charity organizations. Many news articles, blogs, and video posts immediately questioned the legitimacy of Invisible Children from different angles. (For an African Internationalist analysis and criticism of Kony 2012, see Kony 2012 video: a cover for U.S. imperialist theft of African resources.)

Go beyond criticism, take action

Many are looking for a real analysis of the conditions faced by African people. While we appreciate the truth-seekers and much of the criticism of Kony 2012, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement believes that we have to do more than just criticize; we have to take action.

As Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General of the African Socialist International, wrote:

What we need from white people who want to stand on the right side of history is reparations and genuine solidarity. Chairman of the African Socialist International, Omali Yeshitela, has already correctly defined the role of white people from the oppressor nation: genuine material solidarity through reparations to African people and political work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Now is the time to heed this call. Now is the time to reject a charity model that maintains the status quo of wealth and power in the hands of white people. We call on the white population to stand in solidarity with the African Liberation Movement by becoming members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

The African People’s Socialist Party leads organizations like All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project, a development organization led by Africans who are changing the conditions for African people in Sierra Leone through economic development, maternal and infant health and sustainable agriculture.

These projects are part of a revolutionary strategy of development for liberation, directly challenging the conditions that African people face from centuries of colonialism.

This is the revolutionary strategy you are supporting when you join the USM.

The decision to join the USM is the first step towards taking responsibility for the history of Europe’s attack on Africa, the ongoing colonial exploitation and the foundation of the wealth of the U.S. on slavery and genocide.

The question of “solidarity, not charity” is critical.

As the AAPDEP leader Ayesha Fleary states in her video on the KONY phenomenon:

If African people were able to use the resources of Africa for themselves, it would put a whole bunch of charity organizations out of business tomorrow.

As allies of African liberation, we are eager to put the charity organizations out of business by building support for the struggle of African people to take back their own resources for their own benefit!

USM is a united expression of white allies of African Liberation who no longer want to live at the expense of Africa and African people.

No oil, iPhone, diamond or other stolen resource is worth the cost of the lives laid to waste by the rape and plunder of Africa that creates untold riches for the white corporations and the white world.

We owe reparations. We must take action.

We are calling on you to express unity with reparations and solidarity with African Liberation by becoming a member. Help us build a large movement of white peoples’ reparations to the African community.

We are making a call for you to join the USM and take action to help us raise at least $2,000 by March 19th.


1.   JOIN! Become a sustaining member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and a monthly contribution will be automatically taken out of your account to support the work of the Uhuru Movement! You can also join as a student member for just $10 or a regular member for $25.

2.   Spread the word through social media.  Post the following quote to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media:  “If you’re like me and you think that the Kony 2012 campaign is propaganda for imperialism, then do what I just did and join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and make a contribution to the real African Revolution:”

Check out these videos! Members of the Uhuru Movement respond to KONY 2012:

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