African Resistance in 1763: No Peace on the Plantation

On the 27th of February, 1763…

Africans on Dutch-owned plantations along the Berbice river in Guyana revolted against their colonial slave masters.

A few days earlier on 23rd February, Africans on the Magdalenenberg plantation near the Canje river had also rebelled against their enslavement. The rebellion became known as the Berbice revolt.

By early March 1763 the revolts had merged into one and led by Kofi (Cuffy), forced the Dutch colonialists to flee the plantations. By mid-March the colonialists were confined to a small area around the mouth of the Canje river.

The insurgency lasted just over one year and was only put down with the aid of military reinforcements arriving from Europe in December 1763.

There are countless other examples of courageous African resistance to colonialism and slavery throughout the past 500 years, many of which have been suppressed from the historical record by the white nation. The victory of the African Revolution will set the record straight. Uhuru!

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  • Amazing how much of these revolts, victories and uprisings are simply “erased” so as to facilitate the formation of the white supremacist agenda which depicts whites are eternally supreme, and ultimately, invincible.

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