USM Stands in Solidarity with the People of Iran Against U.S. Imperialist Attacks

Members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement traveled from St. Petersburg and Miami for the National Day of Mass Action Against US War on Iran demonstration held at the MacDill Airforce Base in Tampa, Florida.

The US is already engaged in warfare – economic, political, and military – against the people of Iran. The CIA and Mossad have carried out numerous assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, imposed economic sanctions, and deployed troops in Israel to train for a military invasion of Iran.

The US attempts to justify their aggression with the claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Iran maintains they are developing nuclear technology for peaceful means. But the real point is, who is the US government to tell Iran or anyone else that they cannot develop nuclear technology for defense?

The US is the most repressive, violent, terrorist regime on the planet, possessing almost 10,000 nuclear warheads, the only country to ever use nuclear weapons in warfare.

We fully support the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves and their resources from colonial exploitation.

We stand in complete solidarity with the people of Iran against imperialist attacks by the United States and Israel.

At the National Day of Action Against US War on Iran, the USM comrades distributed the latest issue of The Burning Spear Newspaper and engaged in serious discussions with the other demonstrators about the escalating imperialist aggression by the US in the Middle East.

When interviewed by Press TV and WMNF journalists, we explained that our participation in the march against US war was based on the understanding that, as Chairman Omali Yeshitela has said, “it is not enough to call for peace. We must say, Victory to the oppressed peoples of the world!”

The USM is opposed to any false notion of “peace” that rests on the assumption that colonized peoples do not have the right to resist imperialism and fight for control of their lives and resources.  That is not genuine peace, but peace for the white nation. It is imperialist peace, or as Chairman Omali has called it, “peace on the plantation, the kind of peace that you find when the slave is not rising up.”

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement stands in solidarity with the rising liberation struggles of the African, Indigenous, Arab, Iranian and other peoples of the world who are sick and tired of the US, white power and imperialism.

It is the victorious struggles for national liberation of colonized peoples that will signal the dawn of a new era of peace and social justice.

This is why the Uhuru Solidarity Movement works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, the revolutionary Party for African liberation founded and led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and guided by the advanced revolutionary theory of African Internationalism. The APSP was founded in 1972 and will be holding its 40 year anniversary national plenary conference on February 18 through the 21st, in St. Petersburg, FL.

We strongly urge all progressive, forward-thinking white people and other allies of African liberation to register today for the APSP’s national conference. The APSP has been on the front lines of the struggle for genuine peace, social justice and reparations for the past 40 years.

Please join us on Feb 18 this Saturday as we salute the APSP for 40 years of revolutionary leadership and resistance.

Solidarity with the resisting peoples of the world!
Down with US Imperialism! Victory to the African Liberation Movement!

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  • We should acknowledge that Iran has a right to determine its own national security interest Any real dialog about a nuclear free middle east must start with disclosure and inspection of Israel’s weapon of mass destruction

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