Egypt, revolution, and the Party for African liberation

Today, January 25, marks the 1 year anniversary of the uprisings in Egypt that resulted in the departure of US-backed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Protestors were met with brutal repression from the state including the use of tear gas purchased from the US. While the Egyptian popular uprisings shook the world and inspired similar uprisings throughout the Middle East, the repressive military dictatorship of Egypt remains intact.

Resistance is sweeping the planet. US empire is in a profound crisis. It is in this context that the African People’s Socialist Party is building organizations on four continents, uniting African workers throughout the world into the revolutionary struggle for freedom, self-determination and power. The revolutionary Party for African liberation is the key element that will ultimately bring imperialism to its knees.

In solidarity with the revolutionary struggles of the people of Egypt and all of Africa, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement is calling on our supporters and members to come to St. Petersburg, FL this February for the national planning conference of the African People’s Socialist Party, Feb 18-21. This historic conference will honor the Party on the 40th anniversary of its founding. Click here for more information and register today!

Solidarity with the people of Egypt!
Victory to the African Revolution!

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