Reparations in Action! Help Us Meet Our Goal

Day in Solidarity campaign raises $9,000 in reparations – only $1,000 more needed to meet goal

This fall’s Day in Solidarity with African People campaign has been outstanding!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement has been busy talking with people – on the street, at their homes and at events organized all around the country. At the Day in Solidarity events, we heard from powerful leaders in the Uhuru Movement, the organization putting programs on the ground for African self-reliance. This movement is changing the world, laying the foundation for a society where everyone has what they need to live.

(Check out highlights from the Day in Solidarity events in St. Pete, FL; Chicago, IL; Oakland, CA; Philadelphia, PA.)

Nearly 200 people have publicly taken “The Pledge” to say “Yes, I support African people’s struggle for justice, liberation and self-determination!”

See who has taken The Pledge and read some of their statements here.

Those people have backed up their statement with concrete support, contributing $9,000 toward African self-reliance programs of the Uhuru Movement. This is reparations in action!

One of several community gardens organized by the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)

See what Day in Solidarity fundraising supports.

We’re just $1,000 shy of our $10,000 campaign goal. Can you help push us over the top?

Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People and Contribute now!

Donate without taking the Pledge

Thank you for taking a stand in solidarity with African people in the worldwide struggle for justice, self-determination and freedom.


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