“Occupy Wall Street” is a crisis for the ruling class. Deepen the crisis!

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The following is a statement from the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement on the Occupy Wall Street actions.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement welcomes the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors into the historical struggle against the ruling class that we, as Africans, have been involved in for centuries.

This growing movement of mostly white protestors who are challenging the bankers, capitalists and the political rulers represents a reinforcement for the ongoing centuries-long struggles of African, Mexican and Indigenous people.

The undeniable fact is that colonized people have been victimized by the bankers, politicians and even ordinary white citizens ever since Europe enslaved Africans and committed genocide against Indigenous people.

Identifying the enemy: the ruling class and their puppet politicians

The thieving bankers on Wall Street and the corporations are the ones who control the politicians, hire the armies to occupy communities and steal the resources of the oppressed peoples of the world.

They are the ones who impose repressive police-military occupation of the barrios, “reservations” and African communities inside this country.

These are the same criminal elite who ripped off tens of thousands of African people of our homes in this country through the subprime mortgage scheme. This resulted in the loss of more than $200 billion for the African community through foreclosures, which is the largest transfer of wealth from the African community since the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

African people were the first commodity of capitalism

Wall Street and the stock market were built on slavery and genocide. African people were the first “stock” sold and traded on Wall Street.

The bones of African people lay buried in the slave cemetery beneath the buildings on Wall Street. These same African slaves were forced to build Wall Street, for the purpose to subdue an Indigenous insurgency that was trying to take its stolen land back.

The OWS movement must support reparations from the banks and the U.S. government for centuries of slavery and gross exploitation of African people.

African Liberation Movement has historic record of challenging Wall Street and capitalism

We welcome others who are coming to the same conclusions that Africans have held for so long.

We hope that the OWS movement will not allow itself to be drawn into false solutions that demand more wars against the rest of the world’s peoples, millions of whom live on less than two dollars a day because of the exploitation by the bankers and their political and military representatives.

The OWS movement must unite with oppressed peoples around the world and inside this country whose communities have been occupied by Wall Street and their lackeys for the past 500 years.

African self-determination is the way forward

As African people under military occupation inside this country, we are struggling for control of our own communities, for economic development that uplifts the entire community out of poverty that was imposed on us since our enslavement, and to end the police occupation and mass imprisonment of our people.

Wall Street and the system it represents are the primary obstacles that separate African people from our resources and self-determination. It is our African struggle for freedom that will ultimately signal the triumph of humanity over the parasites on Wall Street. African Revolution is the solution!

Occupy Wall Street, not Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, the barrios, the black community, the reservations!

Resist the police occupation of the African community! Stand in solidarity with the Indigenous people, as they struggle for their land and self-determination!

We say down with Wall Street and U.S. imperialism! Africans have a right to resist! Stop the wars and build the resistance!

Join the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement!


Join the Black is Back Mobilization: “Stop the Wars! Build the Resistance!” on November 5 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!



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  • Your Blog speaks the truth. Why are so many people of all groups so afraid to face the truth? Why are people of African descent not disturbed by the power structure using a Black Face (President Obama) to drop bombs on Libya. I appreciate your organization's work. Too many people don't know who the real enemy is. Thank you.

  • Uhuru DASimms! Thank you for your comment. As a member of USM it is an honor to work under the leadership of the Uhuru Movement led by African workers struggling for their liberation and self-determination. If you support and agree with what is written in this article I want to encourage you to go to uhurusolidarity.org and take the pledge of solidarity with African people and join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement! Becoming a member is a concerete way you can support the African community's struggle against US imperial domination from Libya to the US to the UK and throughout the world.

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