Reparations in Action: The campaign for “A Day in Solidarity with African People”

Day in Solidarity with African People calls on white people and other allies to stand up for reparations, liberation and justice for African people everywhere

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As the crisis of imperialism deepens daily and the resistance of African and oppressed peoples of the world grows, the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) and Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) are sponsoring their most important annual events—the Day in Solidarity with African People.

APSC and USM are organizations of predominately Euro-American or white people, working directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party USA.

With the theme of the “growing African resistance for justice and freedom” the days in Solidarity with African People will raise $10,000 for the work and programs of the Uhuru Movement led by the African People’s Socialist Party USA.

Days in Solidarity with African People events will feature Chairman Omali Yeshitela as the keynote speaker along with Penny Hess, APSC Chairwoman as well as local speakers and cultural workers.

Events will take place around the U.S. and are scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 21 in St Petersburg, FL; Saturday, Oct. 8 in Chicago, IL Thursday, Oct. 13 in Oakland and Saturday, Nov. 12 in Philadelphia, PA.

A benefit concert will be held in Brooklyn, New York on Oct. 22.

A central campaign of the Days in Solidarity is a call for other Euro-North American people to “Take the Pledge in Solidarity with African People” and give a $10 contribution to the work of the Party.

As it says on the Day in Solidarity brochure, when you take the Pledge in Solidarity with African People you “take a stand on the side of justice for African people everywhere.”

Understanding the responsibility of white people for reparations to African people, the Pledge is a commitment to “right the profound historical wrongs against African people from enslavement, Jim Crow, lynchings, discriminatory sentencing and mass imprisonment here, to genocide, plunder and ongoing wars of occupation by the US and Europe in Africa.”

Taking the Pledge “means standing on the side of reparations and genuine reconciliation between white people who have economically benefitted from slavery and colonialism and African people everywhere who continue to be exploited by this relationship.”

The Days in Solidarity with African People is a stand in support for the movement for African self-determination and liberation worldwide.

It is also a stand against the U.S. wars against African people whether they are in Congo, Libya, Sudan, the Horn of Africa, in Haiti or against African people here inside the U.S.

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