Video: Black is Back Coalition-led March Against the Curfew in Philadelphia, August 20, 2011


Solidarity with the demands of the Black is Back Coalition-led Philadelphia Community Walk Against the Curfew:

Point #1: We demand an end to the Jim Crow curfew.

Point #2: We demand the right of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for the Black community.

Point #3: We demand an immediate end to the policy of stop and frisk.

Point #4: We demand an immediate end of DHS intervention in the affairs of the Black community.

Point #5: We demand economic development for the Black community and an immediate end to police containment.

Point #6: We call for the development of an independent movement for self determination and self governance for the Black community and all oppressed communities.

Point #7: We call for the immediate release of the more than 70 youth who have been detained as a result of the anti-democratic curfew.

Point #8: We defend the right of Black youth and youth of all oppressed communities to resist the government imposed violence of increasing poverty, budget cuts, and police brutality.

Point #9: We reject the government and media criminalization of the resistance and creativity of Black youth and their labeling of them as “flash mobs”.

Point #10: We demand an end to the U.S. and Europe’s war on Africa and Black people in Philadelphia, London, Congo, Haiti and anywhere else in the world where Black people are.

Point #11: We declare that Michael Nutter and forces like him do not represent the best interests of the Black community in Philadelphia or anywhere in the world. They represent white power in Black face.

Point #12: We call on white people to stand in principled solidarity with the demands of this document.

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