Solidarity with the rebellions in Britain! From the UK to the US, Africans have the right to resist!

On Thursday August 4, 2011, London police shot and murdered 29-year-old, Mark Duggan, an African man and father of four. This incident along with the videotaped police beating of a 14-year-old African girl, sparked a series of rebellions throughout north London that sent 26 police to the hospital and brought a number of banks, police cars, council offices and businesses down in flames.

Africans have the right to resist!

Heavy-handed police forces moved in on several black neighborhoods with armored vehicles, helicopters, and riot vans.

At least 200 Africans have been arrested. Meanwhile, the rebellions have spread to at least five neighborhoods and into the city of Birmingham. African youth marching through Woolwich were videotaped chanting the slogan, “Fight Back!”

We support the right of the African community to fight back against the injustice and oppression imposed on their communities by the British white power government.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is in unconditional solidarity with the African population of Britain who are courageously resisting the oppression and colonial domination of their communities.

The USM is an organization of white allies of black liberation who work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to organize in material solidarity with the struggle for African liberation and self-determination.

We recognize that African people are colonized inside of the UK by the colonial white power State just as they are colonized inside of the US and throughout the world.

APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela explains that the State is a repressive organization used to maintain the status quo when a society is split between haves and have-nots.

The State works through various institutions from the prison and court systems to the police departments to protect the haves who possess all of the resources that they have stolen from the have-nots.

The State functions to protect the parasitic relationship of the white population to the African working class. It is this relationship between colonizer and colonized that is at the root of what is happening right now on the streets of London.

London is a part of what used to be called the British Empire, an entity that was characterized as the empire upon which the sun never set.

As one of the main players in imperialist white power, the UK enriched itself and its general white population through a process of enslaving and colonizing the African world.

Therefore, we in the USM reject the white media’s portrayal of young African men as “criminal thugs,” nor do we consider it “looting” for an African person to appropriate their stolen resources from a parasitic business as we are seeing in the streets of Tottenham.

We know that the real “looters” are the European invaders who rescued themselves from feudal poverty by assaulting and enslaving the mineral and resource-rich African continent.

The real “criminals” and “thugs” are the military and the police. The same police who murder young Africans on a regular basis with impunity.

The real thugs are the British and US soldiers who are massacring African children in Libya today as part of the vicious imperialist NATO invasion led by the US.

The police are the first line in the counterinsurgency war against the African population who are oppressed by white power wherever they have been dispersed throughout the world, whether it’s in London or Haiti or St. Petersburg, FL.

African people in London face conditions of life marked by poverty, unemployment, police violence, mass incarceration, and denial of quality education.

An article published last year in the Guardian exposed that 333 people in the UK have died in or following police custody over the past 11 years, but no officer has ever been convicted.

These conditions are not unlike those faced by African people inside the US, such as in the city of St. Petersburg, FL, where 71% of Africans live at or below the poverty line, and where Africans are regularly harassed, beaten, arrested, and murdered by police who never face charges.

The images of the rebellions in London are reminiscent of what happened in St. Petersburg, FL in 1996 after an 18-year-old African, Tyron Lewis, was murdered by police.

The African community of St. Pete rose up in a heroic rebellion against the State that garnered national media attention and, due to the political leadership of the Uhuru Movement, catapulted the question of black community economic development into the public policy debate.

We unite with the position of the Uhuru Movement that a heavy police presence is a cynical response to the conditions of poverty and misery in the African community.

The only genuine solution is African self-reliance and economic development for the African working class.

The rebellions in Tottenham represent the ever-deepening crisis of imperialism. As African Internationalism the philosophy of the Uhuru Movement makes clear, it is the oppression of Africans, Indigenous peoples and the rest of the world’s colonized peoples that forms the basis, the pedestal upon which the entire US capitalist system resides.

We live in an era where the system born from colonial violence, slavery, and genocide is quickly dying as a result of the resistance of the very peoples whose oppression is the necessary basis for the continuation of imperialism.

Oppressed people are tired of imperialism, and are waging a just and courageous fight to reclaim control over their own land, labor, and resources.

Another example of this just resistance occurred on the same day as the London rebellions when a NATO helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of over 30 US imperialist soldiers.

It is said that most of the down soldiers were on the team of Navy Seals who carried out the brutal assassination of Osama bin Laden, a cold-blooded murder that was denounced by oppressed peoples around the world as a counterinsurgent attack against colonized people’s resistance.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement supports the struggle of the people of Afghanistan to expel the imperialist occupiers from their land and to regain control over their own land and resources.

The USM supports the African people of Britain who are also struggling for the same thing.

We call on other white people to join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. The time has come to turn our backs on parasitic capitalism and join in solidarity with the worldwide movement for social justice and economic development for African people that is being led by the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement.

Any Euro-American person who wants to bring down this oppressive system and join in creating a new world free from exploitation must join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and take the stand against colonialism and white power and in support of Black Power.

Our future is to be found in solidarity with the African revolution. There’s no future under this dying system.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement today and organize in your area as part of the international campaign to build “A Day in Solidarity with African People.”

Take the pledge of solidarity today!





Join us!

We organize under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.
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