San Francisco Police Murder in Cold Blood! Join USM

On Saturday, July 16th, 2011, the San Francisco Police Department shot and killed 19 year old African Kenneth Wade Harding while he was running away. Harding had been detained after he was “caught” evading a $2 Muni light rail toll in the Bayview neighborhood of the city.

Harding can be seen in the video above, clinging to his life next to a pool of his blood while officers stand guard following the slaughter.
The Uhuru Solidarity Movement condemns this egregious act of cold blooded killing at the hands of the state. This is the everyday violence that African people experience in a society that was founded on the enslavement of African people and the theft of indigenous people’s lands.
We stand in solidarity with the growing resistance of the African community to this brutal colonial occupation that has ravaged communities like the Bayview, put young African people behind bars and imposed a violent illegal drug economy on African communities that leave African people fighting each other for crumbs.
We call on white people and other allies of the African Liberation Movement to join Uhuru Solidarity Movement in condemning this latest killing and building our organization where people can align themselves with freedom and justice, not police containment, violence and destruction. Let’s get organized! Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement today!

We support the demands coming from the Bayview coalition of different organizations following the San Francisco police shooting of Kenneth Wade Harding.
We demand:
1. An independent investigation 
2. Independent forensic and ballistic report
3. Take DA Georg Gascon off of the internal investigation, due to a conflict of interest since he was the police chief three months ago.
4. Stop the character assassination perpetrated against Kenneth Wade Harding, his brother Ondrell and his mother, Denika Chatman
The Uhuru Solidarity Movement also supports reparations to the family of Kenneth Wade Harding, economic development, not police containment of the African community of Bayview and hands off the Bayview community!

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