Victory to the people of Egypt!

Solidarity with the Resistance in Egypt and the African Community right here!

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The Uhuru Solidarity Movement salutes the just struggle of the people of Egypt and the growing anti-colonial resistance of Arab, African and other oppressed nations that is sweeping the globe.

We understand that the rebellions in Egypt are a manifestation of the approaching end to decades of colonial and neo-colonial rule in Egypt first by the British and then by the US. Over the last thirty years, the Mubarek regime has served the interests of US imperialism, receiving annually $1.3 billion US military aid used to repress the people. For the last thirty years, the Egyptian government has used this aid to purchase US weapons to repress, torture and terrorize the Egyptian people.

In fact, just as the tear gas canisters were made in the US, the people of Egypt face the same conditions of police terror and occupation, poverty and unemployment that the African community faces inside US cities. The city of Philadelphia alone has a $1.1 billion police budget to repress the African community—the police budget of this one city is nearly the same as the US spending on military aid to Egypt.

African people right here are refusing to sit back and see their loved ones shot down in cold blood. Police killings such as the murder of Oscar Grant in Oakland, California by transit cop Johannes Mehserle were caught on video; however, these types of police murders take place all over the country during “routine traffic stops,” in the back alleys and even the homes in the African community as with the police murder of 7-year-old Aiyanna Jones in Detroit or 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston of Atlanta.

However, now the tides have turned and the people of Egypt refuse to be used as cannon fodder for US imperialism, just as the African community right here is resisting.

The Obama regime, through its alliance with the neo-colonial government of Egypt, can no longer easily maintain its stranglehold on the oppressed Arab and African nations. In the same way, the US can no longer continue to carry out its “other war” on African people right in the US without African people fighting back.

Just several weeks ago, 11 police officers were killed during the course of 24 hours in cities including Detroit and St. Petersburg and Miami, Florida where African people face the daily terror of the police, a rate of unemployment reaching 70%, and an imprisonment rate of one out of eight for African men.

The growing resistance of African, Arab and oppressed people here and abroad indicate that there is no turning back. No longer can white or North American people assume that we can live our lives on a pedestal that rests on the foundation of enslavement of African people and the stolen land and genocide of the indigenous populations of the US. No longer can we assume the Arab peoples throughout the Middle East and African people throughout the world will sit back as the US continues to steal their resources through its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and its military operations on the continent of Africa through AFRICOM.

White people have historically benefited from the oppression of African people, the genocide against the indigenous people, the colonial occupation and theft of resources of the majority of the peoples on earth. That relationship continues today. Progressive North American and European peoples throughout the world must seek out our true interest in overturning our relationship as part of this oppressor nation. We must join in a principled alliance with the African Revolution that will usher in the destruction of US imperialism and free the colonized peoples of the world.

The same outcry that we see coming from the Euro-American community about the situation in Egypt needs to come in response to the US war on the African community in the US under the neocolonial government of Barack Obama.

We call on Euro-American people to support the resistance in Egypt, the resistance in the African community and the organized resistance under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party as part of the strategy for the destruction of U.S. imperialism throughout the globe.

It is time to take sides, to stand with the masses of African, Arab and indigenous peoples who are struggling to reclaim control over their land and resources and build a new world without oppressed and oppressor.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!
Support the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s National Convention on February 19-21st in Philadelphia, PA!




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