Come to the International Conference on White Solidarity with Black Power, Jan 9-11 in St. Petersburg, FL

The African People’s Solidarity Committee, organized under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, invites other North American and European—white—people to participate in “Beyond the Crisis of Imperialism: the International Conference on White Solidarity with Black Power,” January 9-11 in St Petersburg, FL.

This is a call to stand in solidarity with the struggle of African people everywhere to unite and liberate Africa and all its resources.

This call comes at a time when imperialism is facing a serious political and economic crisis that has come as a result of the resistance of oppressed and colonized peoples against imperialist wars of plunder and occupation.

The crisis of imperialism demands that we take responsibility to join in solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world who are struggling to overturn and transform this parasitic social system built on slavery, genocide, plunder and resource wars targeting the majority of humanity for our benefit.

This call comes as African people from many organizations and political persuasions inside the US and elsewhere have come together in the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC), a broad-based coalition formed by the African People’s Socialist Party.

This historic coalition unites on the principle that US president Barack Hussein Obama functions as a neocolonial president, as “white power in black face.”

BIBC states that the problem facing African and oppressed peoples inside the US and around the world is US imperialism, and that the Obama administration has intensified the colonial war against the African and oppressed peoples in this country, even as it is escalating its war agenda against oppressed peoples in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world.

The existence of Black is Back demands that we go beyond a simple stand for “peace” or against “racism,” stands that leave the essence of this imperialist system unchallenged.

As Omali Yeshitela, leader of the African People’s Socialist Party, states, “It’s not enough to stand for ‘peace.’ George W. Bush wanted peace through an end to the struggle of oppressed peoples. We have to stand for victory to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, victory to the Palestinian people, victory to the people of Cuba and Venezuela and down with imperialism!”

We have to go beyond the simplistic demand to end “racism,” which is the ideological underpinning of a capitalist system that was born on turning the entire continent of African people into its most lucrative commodity.

We are challenged to stand against the fact that African people inside the US, historically and today, live under conditions of colonialism, the political and economic oppression of a whole people for the benefit of the oppressor nation.

We must take a stand against the US war facing African people in the US today, an ongoing public policy of police containment resulting in relentless police murders and brutality, massive imprisonment and deepening poverty and unemployment.

As the economic crisis of imperialism deepens and white people begin to experience job loss, homelessness, and financial insecurity, we are challenged to recognize that this is the natural outcome of a system that from the very beginning has stolen the resources, labor and land of African, Indigenous and other peoples in order to create the highest standard of living in the world for the majority of the white population living on a pedestal at the expense of everyone else.

As oppressed peoples rise up to take back their resources and drive out imperialist armies in order to exercise their right to self-determination and feed their own children with their own resources, the US can no longer move with impunity to dominate the earth and reward the white population which has historically benefited from this relationship.

The challenge for us as white people is not to seek solutions for our crisis at the expense of African and oppressed peoples on whose backs we have lived, but to join in solidarity with them to bring down this system and be part of building a world built on justice, reparations and liberation for African and other oppressed peoples.

Participate in and endorse “Beyond the Crisis of Imperialism: the International Conference on White Solidarity with Black Power.” Join other like-minded white people and stand on the forward side of history in solidarity with African and oppressed peoples worldwide.

Learn more and register for the conference.

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  • Will there be any discussion for reparations from the Jewish community? As you know, Jews were the predominant merchants who financed the Atlantic slave trade. And Jews were also the largest, per capita, single group of slave owners in the United States and Brazil.

    Thank you.

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