Demonstration at Baywalk!

Gather at Baywalk, 8:10 pm sharp

Friday, October 16, 2009
8:30pm – 10:30pm

If you can’t attend but want to take action, contact your representatives and make your voice heard:
• Email or call Mayor Rick Baker at, 727-893-7201
• Email or call City Council at, 727-893-7117

Freedom Greetings and Uhuru Sisters, Brothers and Comrades,
A Call to Action

The last week has and particularly, this last Thursday’s City Council meeting have revealed to us that CW Capital Holdings (the Wells Fargo Bank political hacks) has no intention of dealing honestly with African people or any other forces for that matter.

After the initial meeting of October 1, 2009 with CW Capital Holdings, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, St. Pete for Peace, and Veterans for Peace, where we all agreed to operate in good faith as an initial step toward a possible agreement on the Baywalk Bailout and sidewalk giveaway proposal, we have encountered nothing but back door wheeling and dealing.

CW Capital has convinced the City Council to reconsider their tie vote that temporarily stalled the implementation of the Baywalk proposal that would give CW Capital control of the public sidewalk and prevent free speech in that traditional public forum. In addition, This proposal will give $700,000 in capital improvements to CW Capital Holdings, which has bragged that they have more than 11 billion dollars in assets.

Comrades this is an outrage. This proposal is being forced through council by CW Capital as 71% of the African community live at or below the poverty line. This money clearly should be redirected to the African community for economic development to create new African businesses and improve the existing African businesses.

Comrades sisters and brothers, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is calling on all who believe in justice and free speech to join us in principled unity and a day of outrage as we demonstrate at Baywalk on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 8:30pm.We are asking people to meet at the corner of 2nd street and 2nd Avenue to assemble for the demonstration at 8:10pm sharp.

The demands will be economic development for the African community, not for the Wells Fargo crooks and freedom of speech at Baywalk and to keep the sidewalk public. Please be advised that we expect at the Thursday, October 15th City Council meeting that council will give the public sidewalk to CW Capital Holdings and the $700,000 bailout with federal taxpayer’s money. What this means is that there may be tresspass warnings given to protesters. However, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement believes that if handled correctly this could actually work in the favor of the demonstrators.

We are asking all who believe in Justice to attend a strategy meeting on Wednesday, October 14th, at the Uhuru House 1245 18th Avenue South at 10:00am. We believe we can defeat this anti-democratic measure by the city and CW Capital, but it is going to take a protracted effort involving a multi-faceted strategy.

We are asking that all organizations and individuals please respond to this e-mail with their committment to attend the strategy session and demonstrations. InPDUM can be reached via e-mail address or call us at (727)851-2086 or (727)322-3882.

Please bring blank posters so we can write them up for the demonstration.

Stand for Free Speech!
Stand for Economic Development for the African Community!
Chimurenga Waller, President InPDUM

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