Weekend Containment and Terror Against the African Community of East Oakland

On Friday afternoon September 25th, the Oakland police had the African community near the Uhuru House in East Oakland on lockdown for 12 hours following what was alleged to have been a “standoff” between an individual and the police. Read the article. 
The justification for this military operation was  an earlier shooting in front of the a market on MacArthur Blvd and 76th St. at which point the suspect allegedly fled to the same apartment building on 74th and MacArthur where Lovelle Mixon hid on March 21st following the shooting of the two Oakland motorcycle cops.
At 1am on Saturday morning, the Alameda County raided the apartment building, searching several units and firing tear gas into one unit. Late Saturday
While the exact circumstances of the incidents this weekend are unclear, it is certain that the Oakland Police Department and the media that supports their worldview attempted to utilize the actions to rally support for the city’s policies and to continue to terrorize the African community.  Most of the articles about the events over the weekend contained very few details of what happened but harkened back to the police shootings in March. 
Another aspect to the weekend’s events was the decision by the Oakland Police Department to call in the Alameda County SWAT Team instead of using the Oakland’s SWAT team because they were “too emotional” after losing two SWAT team members in March in that same building where Lovelle Mixon was hunted down and killed.
Reports Saturday stated that 20 year old Antoine Harris turned himself in at the Eastmont Police Station. 
The Uhuru Solidarity Movement in Oakland calls on all progressively minded people to see this latest military operation by the Oakland Police Department and Alameda County Sheriff’s Department as nothing less than colonial war. 
Stand with the African working class community here and abroad to unite for freedom, self-determination and liberation.  We can no longer sit by comfortably and remain silent. 
The African People’s Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement calls on white allies and allies from any community to take a pledge to take a stand against the U.S. colonial war here and abroad. Build African People’s Solidarity Day! Click here to take the pledge and/or make a donation.
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