African People’s Solidarity Day!

Don’t miss the event of the year!

Don’t miss the event of the year – African People’s Solidarity Day!
Mark your calendars now – tickets can be purchased by contacting the
Uhuru Solidarity Movement at 727-683-9949,

African People’s Solidarity Day
Benefit • Speakers • Workshops • Dinner
$20 – 50 donation includes dinner
Sunday, October 11th • 1:00 pm
620 1st Ave. S., St. Petersburg

A call to the white community:
No solution to the economic crisis at the expense of African people!

• The U.S. attempts to solve the deep economic crisis through colonial wars from Afghanistan & Iraq to the streets of St. Petersburg.

• St. Petersburg spends $86 million of the people’s resources on a war budget funding the policy of police containment, prisons and courts, while spending nothing on economic development.

• This is a counterinsurgency war right here!

• We call on our community to stand with the program of the Uhuru Movement, demanding all rights of a free people for self-determination and liberation. We reject an economy and jobs based on the oppression of African people!

Unity in St. Pete through economic &

social justice for the African community!


Keynote Speaker:

Omali Yeshitela

Chairman of the African Socialist International

Chioma Oruh
N. Amer Region, African Socialist International. Specialist, AFRICOM and US military in Africa.

Penny Hess

Chair, African People’s Solidarity Committee

African Village Survival Initiative Workshop:

Ironiff Ifoma, Director of Economic
Development, African People’s Socialist Party

Kitty Reilly, African People’s
Solidarity Committee


• U.S. Political & Economic Crisis: No solution at

the expense of African & oppressed people!

• One Africa! One Nation! The solution for Africa:

Liberation & control of Africa’s resources, not charity!

• Why the problem is colonialism inside the U.S.,

not racism!

Stop U.S. Colonial Wars

At Home & Abroad!

Police carry out colonial war in the U.S. African community

The marines carry out colonial war

in Iraq & Afghanistan

Stop police murder & brutality against African people!

Solidarity with the U.S. African community and

oppressed peoples around the world!

727-683-9949 •

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