“City Council, You Can’t Hide! We Won’t Let this Bailout Slide!”

InPDUM led the chants on the steps on St. Petersburg, FL’s City Hall today, demanding “No Bailout for Baywalk! ” City Council wants to spend $700,000 to bailout a failing entertainment complex while 71% of the African community in St. Pete live at or below the poverty line. Today, the City Council held their “first vote” on the bailout and InPDUM called for a demonstration to demand economic development! Members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement reported that the demonstration was powerful and attracted the attention of city council members that came out of city hall and approached the demonstration. Councilman Newton objected to the demonstration saying that he was the only one that voted against the bailout. But InPDUM responded that he did not defend the African community from the council attacks and that they are the reason that Baywalk is failing. Also, Newton supports more police! Councilman Nurse approached the demonstration and InPDUM struggled with him. As the representative of the majority African district in St. Pete, he doesn’t represent the interests of African people at all and, in fact, blames Africans for the conditions and participates in gentrification of the African community! InPDUM defined the struggle by demanding they end the public policy of police containment, stop blaming the African community for Baywalk’s failure and, instead, use the $700,000 for genuine business loans, and to create commerce in the African community!

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