Uhuru Movement Will Represent at “Power to the Peaceful”

“From Lil’ Bobby Hutton to Oscar Grant: 41 Years of Police Terror in Oakland. Stop the War on the African Community!” reads the banner held high at demonstrations this year against the policies of police containment of the African community found in Oakland, San Francisco and all over the U.S. 

On this coming Saturday, September 12th, 2009, the militant stand in defense of the African working class led by the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement Oakland branch will be represented at the 11th annual Power to the Peaceful Festival held at Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. 

Joined by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement Oakland, the InPDUM Oakland will organize people at the festival to join revolutionary organizations led by the African People’s Socialist Party. Uhuru Foods will be operating two booths raising funds for the Uhuru Movement by selling delicious sesame seed burgers, crab cakes and hand cut garlic fries to the crowds. Volunteer with us!

What originated as a “911”  festival in 1998 calling for support for African political prisoner  Mumia Abu Jamal is now being put forward, according to festival organizer Michael Franti, “as a day to remember September 11th as a day of service towards peace.”
In this time of a renewed U.S. aggression against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and the world, of economic crisis and escalating attacks on the African, Mexican and other oppressed communities inside the U.S. and at a time when the government has bailed out the Wall Street banks and the people are suffering, we in the Uhuru Movement believe that the only peace that will come about on this planet will come when African and other oppressed peoples have the benefit of their own land and resources. As we see the moral bankruptcy of a government that has money for war, police and prisons but not for human need, we must join the Uhuru Movement’s strategy for the destruction of a social system founded on slavery and genocide and participate in the building of a new world.
This Saturday, we will be calling on people to attend the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s National Convention being held in Philadelphia, PA on October 3rd and 4th with the theme of “They Say Cutback – We Say Payback! Reparations Now!” 
We are calling for white people and all allies of the African community struggle for justice and liberation to join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement with a membership of only $25 a year and participate in building African People’s Solidarity Day in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 11th, in Oakland, CA on Tuesday, October 20th and on October 25th in Philadelphia, PA.  We are calling locally for participation in Uhuru Foods fundraising at the markets, festivals and pie campaigns.
This is time for us to get involved, make a difference through solidarity with freedom and independence for African and oppressed peoples on the planet and an end to a parasitic social system that has benefitted North Americans and Europeans at everyone else’s expense.
As the Black Panther Party’s slogan called for, “All Power to the People!” 
Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. Join us to volunteer at our food booth and come by our outreach booth. Look for the banner that says “Uhuru!” Uhuru means freedom!
For more info, call 510-625-1106 or email oakland@uhurusolidarity.org

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