Engine of U.S. prosperity fueled by the oppression of others

In Obama’s address before congress last night he stated that he, like other Americans, is angry at bankers for their enormous bonuses and lavish lifestyles at the taxpayers expense.

These are the same bankers, of course, who contributed more money to Obama’s campaign than to any other candidate.

So it is no surprise that Obama followed up that statement by firmly justifying his programs giving trillions of dollars more to the banks so that, he said, they can begin to loan money to Americans again for cars and homes.

Obama stated that he is going to “restart the engine of our prosperity” with “bold action and big ideas.”


This week’s economic data for parasitic capitalism is dire and the stock market is tanking. Foreclosures are skyrocketing and housing prices are plummeting. Five million are receiving unemployment benefits and every major corporation, bank and small business is struggling to stay afloat.

Nothing Obama or anyone else does to try to save the economy can put the genie back in the bottle.

The truth is the engine of US prosperity is fueled by the masses of enslaved African people who carried out the forced labor that built the wealth and opportunities of capitalism enjoyed by North Americans.

Prosperity’s engine is the Indigenous population who faced genocide at the hands of the European invaders intent on stealing and settling the Indigenous land. It’s the majority of the peoples of the world who have been colonized for the past 500 years so their labor, land and resources could benefit the white world.

The engine of our prosperity is the millions of slaughtered Iraqis and increasingly Afghanis and Pakistanis in wars to bring us oil and “security”.

The engine of our prosperity is the seven million people murdered in Congo in the past few years by U.S.-backed proxy forces in wars to secure the rare precious metals and minerals that are necessary for our computers, cell phones and the U.S. military.

The engine of our prosperity is the sweat shop workers throughout Asia who work long hours for a dollar, and the diamond workers in Africa digging the precious stones for 30 cents a day.

Prosperity’s engine is the millions of young African people stuffed into prisons in this country on discriminatory sentences and shot down by the military style police.

These police containment policies are highly lucrative to the U.S. economy as a whole with the $100 billion prison industry being the third largest U.S. rural employer, and police forces being up to 80 percent of state and municipal budgets.

We say good riddance to a system built on the oppression of the majority of humanity for our sake. There can never be peace in such a world.

The vile system that created this mess made of the misery and suffering of others cannot solve its own death crisis.

African and oppressed peoples are rising up to liberate themselves and to solve their own problems by taking back their stolen resources, land and self-determination.

The African Socialist International is being built by African workers who believe that Africa and all its resources are the birthright of African people inside Africa and wherever they have been forcibly dispersed around the world. No foreign corporation and colonial power has a right to Africa’s resources.

They are working to reunite Africa under the leadership of the African working class. That means African workers in Africa, in the U.S., in the Caribbean, South America and elsewhere.

The goal is to rid Africa of the false borders set up by the colonizing powers to facilitate the theft of resources that fueled imperialism’s engines of prosperity for hundreds of years.

Like the Palestinian people Africans believe that they have a right to return to their homeland from any place in the world.

Power to the people in the form of struggles for national liberation of oppressed peoples is the engine that will bring about the rebirth of a viable world economy and human spirit itself.

Out of the struggles for national liberation will be built a non-exploitive social system which is the only basis for peace, equity, environmental justice and true community on this planet.

White people can be part of the rising force of history by joining the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

It’s simple. Jump down off the crisis-ridden, unsustainable pedestal that gave us prosperity, opportunity and democracy at the expense of just about everyone else.

We work in white communities to show our families and friends that it is truly in our interest to become allies with the oppressed instead of attempting to stay joined at the hip with our own oppressors so we can share the stolen loot.

The pedestal was a pretty lonely and alienated place to live.

Be part of transforming this earth and creating a just engine for the prosperity of all people by standing in solidarity with the liberation movements of African and oppressed peoples.

Life has more to offer than being chained to a job, a mortgage and car payments based on the suffering and poverty of others.

This is a great time to be alive. If we look through the eyes of oppressed peoples we see that this is a time of incredible transformation and liberation as the engine of parasitic capitalism putters to a halt.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!

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