Obama wastes no time to preserve the status quo

With each new cabinet selection Barack Obama continues his course of cementing the status quo. As even mainstream media pundits have noted Obama’s “change” consists of resurrecting the Clinton administration. Clearly the president-elect is wasting no time making every possible attempt to rescue U.S. imperialism and this parasitic system built on slavery, genocide, plunder and oppression.

In between the two Bushes William Jefferson Clinton implemented many programs and policies that Bush Sr. only dreamed about. The Clinton administration also set the stage for Bush II, laying out a perfect platform for W to launch all his most blatantly destructive policies towards oppressed peoples everywhere in a last ditch attempt to save America’s position as the “world’s sole superpower.”

Clinton was called “the first black president,” and like Obama he used broad-based support from African voters to attack Africans and other oppressed people in this country and in the world.

Clinton passed the massive Crime Bill that put 100,000 new police on the streets of African communities, producing an immediate corresponding spike in police murder, violence and martial law in African, Mexican and oppressed communities across the country.

The Crime Bill implemented Jim Crow sentencing, three-strikes legislation and mandatory minimums. It provided $9.7 billion in funding for a colonial prison system than now ensnares more than seven million mostly African, Mexican and oppressed people annually.

The Crime Bill gave a nod of approval to death-squad-type police forces terrorizing African communities such as the murderous Rampart Division in Los Angeles, Riders of Oakland and the brutal Operation Sunrise of Philadelphia.

Clinton’s Crime Bill legitimized the government’s pumping of illegal drugs into communities whose liberation movement, leaders and spokespeople had been wiped out by COINTELPRO a generation earlier and whose economic base had been destroyed by urban renewal and gentrification for the benefit of white communities.

With one fell swoop the Clinton administration thus criminalized impoverished and working class African and Mexican communities, fueled the Wall Street boom with illegal drug money laundering and gave a nearly $10 billion-dollar economic stimulus to “Main Street” through massive prison building with all its spin-offs, restoring prosperity especially to depressed rural white America.

So it’s no small thing that Obama named Joe Biden who authored Clinton’s Crime Bill as his vice president and named as Attorney General Eric Holder who was Clinton’s Assistant AG, whose role was to actually put the 100,000 police into African communities.

Clinton also ended key social services such as “welfare,” created the anti-terrorism bill whose key provisions were adopted in Bush’s USA Patriot Act, passed the North American Free Trade Act, bombed Sudan, invaded Somalia and maintained sanctions against Iraq that starved hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

The Clinton Administration relaxed HUD and Fannie Mae lending practices to target African and Mexican communities with subprime mortgages that were previously known as “predatory lending.” He passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that repealed the Glass Steagall Act of 1933. This basically deregulated Wall Street and opened the door for use of subprime mortgage backed securities as fraudulent investment tools and creating the basis for the economic crisis being experienced today.

Clinton’s first Secretary of the Treasury was open Wall Street insider and free-market advocate Robert Rubin. Rubin was followed by Lawrence Summers, who is more of the same with the added baggage of advocating while employed at the World Bank that the U.S. dump toxic waste in Africa. Summers was later forced to resign as president of Harvard because of his open bigotry towards Africans and women.

So the fact that Obama named Tim Geithner, current head of the New York Federal Reserve and protégé of Rubin and Summers as Secretary of the Treasury is another blow to “hope and change.” Summers was chosen Director of the National Economic Council. And there you have it. The guys who did everything possible to help themselves and their friends’ in the white power banking elite stuff their pockets and bank accounts at the expense of the people are going to solve this economic crisis of imperialism? Please!

After Geithner was named to the treasury position on Friday the DOW went up nearly 500 points, the first bright spot for Wall Street in weeks. The bankers know they have a friend in Geithner, and that tells the story of the unfolding Obama presidency right there.

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  • Just want to show some solidarity with you crewI’m a grassroots activist from the other side of the world and I don’t make all the powershuffles of the Whitehouse/Pentagon my business. I just want to ask people to check for themselves what people have come to to be looking at the leader of the worlds largest imperialist power for hope, to be looking to a socially conservative economic rationalist politician, of any physical description, to find a hero?The Brooklyn Socialite hints at what the problem of Obamaphilia is: “This kumbayaa spirit, although excellent in general, may not be the best way to get at the complications inherent in any leadership, all governments and certainly the media… As much as I don’t want Fox news, I don’t want the left-centrist-nationalism channel either.” (http://thebrooklynsocialite.wordpress.com/)What’s the point of any ‘alternative’ minded person offering uncritical observation/commentary of ANY political leader, let alone a mainstream conservative one assuming the position that has defined the political agenda of neo-liberalism since neo liberalism was an agenda? We’re going to have to be a lot more critical of our leaders, than we have been of this one, if our social/cultural movements are going to amount to anything.Basically, the predictably mushy response to this guy, to me validates Omali Yeshitele of the African Socialist Internationals’ analysis:“The fact is that the election of Obama to the U.S. presidency represents the highest stage of neocolonialism, white power in black face.As we have seen in Africa and some other places, when our political consciousness develops to the extent that it becomes impossible for imperialist white power to rule us directly, indirect rule or neocolonialism has been employed as a method of undermining our struggle to win our freedom.Instead of imperialism with the white face that had become so hated by our people because of its history of brutality and humiliation, imperialism donned a black face giving the appearance of freedom and progress while our resources remained in the hands of the same imperialist white power as before.”(http://uhurunews.com/story?resource_name=omali-yeshitela-speaks-on-the-election-of-barack-obama-as-u-s-president)Obama has turned out to be the perfect antidote, or more properly placebo, to the rising domestic and international hatred/rejection of the preemptive strike – shoot to kill redneck empire. When we account for peoples politics by their colour or gender, rather than their experience of oppression/class, or more directly – what their politics are, we’re bound to be duped by this shit every time.to read this open letter in full check:http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=161556885&blogID=468029752

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