Change we can believe in? No he can’t!

During the Democratic primary campaign this spring Uhuru Movement leader Chairman Omali Yeshitela spoke in various places throughout the country exposing Barack Obama as “white power in black face.” In case you have not yet seen one of the Chairman’s brilliant presentations on YouTube, check this out.

As part of some of these events I also gave a PowerPoint presentation from APSC with information on Obama’s political stands, his advisors and his financial backers. As many people know, his chief advisor is the imperialist warmonger Zbigniew Brezinski. The head of his financial team is Penny Pritzker, the wealthy banker who ripped off her clients and launched the marketing campaign for subprime mortgages targeting the African community. Obama also got more funding from Wall Street than any other candidate.

As Obamamania swept the country many people held on to their fantasy that the Illinois senator would represent a meaningful departure from imperialist war and oppression. But almost from the minute he secured the Democratic nomination Obama has made it clear that he is a loyal and dutiful servant of white power.

As ABC News summed up after a rapid Obama speech last year calling for U.S. troops to be deployed in Pakistan with or without the permission of its president, Obama is “proposing a geopolitical posture that is more aggressive than that of President Bush.”

Here are some of his stands since his nomination:

• AIPAC speech to the Israel lobby (the day after he secured the nomination). As a previous supporter of the cause of the Palestinian people Obama pledged full backing for Israel and an “undivided Jerusalem” as Israel’s capital. Every world government, including the Bush regime, recognizes the UN resolution designating Jerusalem as an international city.

• Flip flopping on one of his strongest campaign issues: the stated 16-month withdrawal from Iraq. Now he says his decision is based on discussing it with the generals “on the ground.”

• Vicious attack on African men on Father’s Day—a statement that no white candidate could ever get away with. The reality is that more than one of every nine African men has been put in the dungeons of this colonial prison system that is used for economic stimulus for white communities.

• Adopted Bush’s Faith Based Initiative, a key Republican neocolonial program targeting black ministers and churches. This program cuts back government funding for social programs in the African community and gives black churches millions of dollars to “administer” programs and private schools.

• Supports the death penalty for child rapists. This is important because you are either for the death penalty or not. As the senator from the state that has a moratorium on the death penalty because so many African men have been found to have been falsely accused, Obama has always claimed to be an execution opponent.

• Dodges all questions on reparations for African people; quit Rev. Wright’s church which has strong pro-reparations position.

• Upheld the New York acquittal of the killer cops in the Sean Bell case without even a statement of support for the family. Obama said, “The judge has made his ruling, and we’re a nation of laws, so we respect the verdict that came down.”

• Would attack Iran: “I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” he told AIPAC. “I will always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel.”

• Would attack Venezuela: Obama stated, “We have lost Latin America.” Obama declared that the democratically elected governments of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua are a “vacuum to be filled.” Claimed Iran has influence in Latin America and endorsed Colombia’s “right to attack ‘terrorists’ who cross the border into Venezuela.”

• Promised to continue the embargo against Cuba.

• Obama called the Robert Mugabe government of Zimbabwe “illegitimate and lacks any credibility,” and said the United States should tighten sanctions against it.

• Is voting for Bush’s FISA Bill (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and is supporting wire tapping of individuals and immunity for telecom companies, despite the fact that several times during his campaign he stated strongly that he would vote against this.

• Abandoned campaign financing

• Named as his economic advisors two of Clinton’s key free trade advocates—Wall Street insiders and bankers. They are Jason Furman and Robert Rubin, Citigroup’s Executive Committee Chair. One pundit writes, “These two are notorious for their justifications of policies that benefit Wall Street, CEOs, and large retailers at the expense of the economic well being and careers of millions of Americans.”

• Now supports the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), even though he criticized Hillary Clinton for her support and pretended throughout his campaign he was against it. Obama stated he “would never withdraw from NAFTA.”

• Obama is heavily invested in ethanol, just as Bush is in oil. Now a billion dollar emerging economy the ethanol industry is a key player in the skyrocketing of food prices and food scarcity around the world. Fidel Castro says that ethanol is genocide and will be responsible for starvation of 3 billion people on the planet.

• Obama named a “Senior Working Group on National Security.” This is a group of advisors and potential cabinet members, including:

•Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s Secretary of State who advocated “regime change” in Iraq before the Bush administration. Here is her response to questions about the sanctions against Iraq on national TV in the 90s: “We have heard that a half million children have died,” Interviewer Leslie Stahl said. “I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. Is the price worth it?” Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price—we think the price is worth it,” said Albright.

•Warren Christopher, the Clinton Secretary of State after Albright who among much else kept the Bush Sr. sanctions going against Iraq.

• David Boren, former chair of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, long-time friend of the Bush family.

• Along with: Lee Hamilton, former chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. William Perry, Clinton’s secretary of defense and weapons dealer. Robert Gates, current Bush defense secretary who was involved in Iran Contra.

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